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nitrazepam 10 mg online purchase

Is Nitrazepam Addictive?

Yes, Nitrazepam is extremely addictive, both physically and psychologically. If you have suffered from an alcohol or drug problem before, exceptional care should be taken, and ideally, the medication avoided altogether. Even with no previous history of any addiction, you can develop a tolerance and dependency very quickly.

Once you have developed a tolerance to a dosage of Nitrazepam, you will find that you will need to take more of the medication in order to gain the desired effect. Taking any less than the amount, your body and brain have become accustomed to, will very possibly send you into withdrawal.

If you are concerned that you or a family member have an addiction to Nitrazepam, please consult your doctor or an addiction help hotline without further delay.

How to Help a Family Member Abusing Nitrazepam?

If you are worried that a loved one may be abusing a medication and have probably found pills that have no prescription details on them, it is wise to take a sample to a local pharmacy to see if they are able to identify what the tablet is. However, generic and counterfeit Nitrazepam is not easy to identify, even by a trained pharmacist. But they will be able to tell you if it is a recognised medication that is legally prescribed. From there, you can compare your loved one’s actual needed treatments with the found tablet and seek help is they do not coincide.

Approach your loved one with caution and tact. If your family member does have a problem with Nitrazepam and is not yet ready to admit it or accept help, they are likely to be defensive, dismissive or even aggressive. Their ultimate fear of admitting they have a problem will be the withdrawal symptoms and how they will cope without the drug.

If your loved one is not ready to stop, there is little you can do. One option is to ensure that you are not enabling their addiction in any way. Enabling will only stop them from seeking help.

We suggest that, before you speak to a family member or a loved one with a potential addiction, you fully educate yourself on the facts of Nitrazepam and the sources of help and support that are available. Reassure them, that if they do decide that they want to stop, that you can help them access the correct help and treatment. Detoxing need not be painful or terrifying. This way, you have left the door open for them to approach you when they are ready.

Whether or not your loved one is ready to accept help for an addiction, it is important to look after yourself and not get caught up in any lies, deceit and manipulation. We know it is easier said than done when you are worrying 24/7 about someone you love. However, there are addiction help services available for you and your loved one.

If you are at affected by someone else’s drug abuse or addiction, you should seek help and support for yourself too.

Signs and Symptoms of Nitrazepam Addiction

If you are worried that a family member may have an addiction to Nitrazepam, there are some definite signs and symptoms that would indicate they have an abuse or addiction problem that requires immediate professional help:

  • You keep finding empty boxes or blister strips of Nitrazepam that they have not told you about.
  • They are generally behaving secretively.
  • They are sleeping for very long periods of time, are drowsy, unmotivated and forgetful when awake.
  • You find counterfeit pills with no markings on, in unrelated boxes or clear plastic bags.
  • You have seen them browse websites selling medications which don’t look authorised to do this.
  • They rush to get the post before you do or are dismissive and defensive when you ask what is in packages that are frequently delivered.
  • They have become unusually unreliable, missing appointments, not going to work, missing family and social occasions.
  • They have become withdrawn and prefer to isolate.
  • You suspect they may be drinking or taking other pills or drugs on top of Nitrazepam and are often incoherent, droopy-eyed and unbalanced during the day.
  • They have become unusually accident-prone.
  • Their speech is slurred and slow as if they are drunk but there is no evidence of alcohol.
  • They can’t recall conversations or events that you have witnessed.
  • They have lost interest in their hygiene appearance and perhaps even food.
  • They are generally behaving oddly and out of character.
  • They may go for long periods of not answering their phone or messages without obvious reason.
  • They have asked to borrow money from you more and more, and not paid it back.
  • If you don’t give them money when they ask, they may react irrationally, becoming tearful, angry, pleading, aggressive or even violent. They may give you the cold shoulder, and try different tactics to make you give in and give them money to fund their habit.
  • Other family members, work colleagues or close friends have also noticed a change in your loved one’s behaviour.
  • You have reason to believe they are sourcing prescriptions from different doctors so they can take more than the necessary for their treatment.

Not all of these signs indicate an addiction problem on their own; the key is the length of time that the marked change in behaviour goes on for. Should they become progressively worse in their mental and physical state, or display uncharacteristic behaviours for more than a few weeks, then you have every reason to be concerned.

Early intervention is better than ignoring a problem hoping that it will go away. If they are suffering from addiction, it will become progressively worse, as tolerance builds and they become more reckless and entrenched in their addictive behaviour

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